Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finally got these little squirts to the cabin this past weekend.  Pretty chaotic, but oh so fun.  Luckily the weather let up for us a little so we could go explore.

Might have been the #1 activity of the weekend, at least for Hadley.  Note to self, bring carrots next trip. This could have entertained them for hours!

Got me one of these...
Figured I probably shouldn't be toting Liam on my regular bike as I used to, so Ryan has taken over that while I leisurely ride this and feel a bit more comfortable.  I borrowed a neighbors so we could take a trip over to the snow cone shack and that night we picked up one for me.  Excited for more family bike outings.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

These two just constantly make me smile.  Yes, there are moments of frustration, but then there are those moments that I just relish in the joy of being their Mom.

Liam has a mind of his own.  Lately it is his way or the highway (a trait I am not happy to pass down).  I love the couple of hours I get to spend with him two days a week while Isaac is at school.  He is all boy, picking up toy guns and going around making shooting noises.  Yesterday he had a toy sword and as he swung at things he would say "Hi-Ya!" He finds these tiny little balls in the backyard (I think they go to some toy gun) and holds on to them for days.  He wakes up with them still in his palm.  I don't know how he doesn't lose them.  I don't see a baby in him much anymore, except he still has the baby fat that I just love.  I will be sad when that goes away and he turns in to a scrawny little boy.

Isaac is such a sweetheart.  Yes, he still sneaks into my bed EVERY night and sleeps with us.  He has to make sure Daddy is asleep though and I am usually passed out too.  I will ask him why he keeps coming in to my bed and he replies with "Because I just love you so much".  Hopefully this changes when the boys share a room.  Which they are beyond excited for.

I am quite the grumpy pregnant woman right now.  Proud to say that I am FINALLY feeling better though and have been for about a month.  Hallelujah!  I thought the day would never come.  When other ladies announce they are pregnant I sympathize and ask how they are feeling. Most have said it hasn't been to bad.  Then I think I was a weakling, but when I was asked that, there was no denying I was practically dying.  I couldn't even fake that I was fine.  It was just brutal.  My dentist would have been proud.  I would floss until my gums bled an a daily basis and brush like 5 times a day to try and rid that nasty taste in my mouth.  Colgate whitening really does work!  I saw a brighter smile in just a week ;).  Even when I was sick, it still didn't stop me from eating and gaining the necessary weight.  I think at my 8 week appt I put on 10 lbs!  Ha ha, off to a great start.  No complaints here, when else can you have an excuse to eat crappy and be lazy.  I will take full advantage of that.  I have got the eating down, but I have been keeping up on running.  Call me crazy, but I signed up for the Salt Lake half.  I actually feel great while I run surprisingly, and this big belly doesn't get in the way.  Although lately, my legs feel like they are getting the workout of a lifetime because of this extra weight.  It is so fun feeling this little squirt move all the time.  Love the second trimester.  Not too big and still pretty comfortable.  We had the ultrasound a few weeks ago and brought the boys.  They eventually enjoyed it especially when the baby waved at them.  We walked out of there still not knowing the gender.  Although I do have the ultrasound video and it can be quite tempting some days.  I will stay strong though.  I am sure it is a boy, but this pregnancy is so very different than the other two.  That isn't saying much though.

Ryan is doing well.  He is getting anxious to get out and fish which he hasn't done in a while.  Been very busy with work and then I put him to work as soon as he gets home.  His birthday is next week so I am sure he will fit in a fishing day soon.  He recently went to Mexico with his Dad to fly hot air balloons.  The day he was headed home my Mom called to ask me what part of Mexico he was in and not to be alarmed but there was an earthquake.  Of course I was alarmed and of course I couldn't get a hold of him.  He got home later than expected because he WAS caught in some of the aftershock of the quake and his flight was delayed. All is well though and he had a great time.

Anxiously looking forward to warmer weather as all of us are.  This time of year just makes me happy!

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Cabin

Spent the New Year at the cabin this year, I think we have done that for a few years.  Did Ryan and I stay up until midnight?  Yeah right!!  I can barely stay up past 9:00 PM these days.  I think I did make it until 11:30 PM.  Then woke up again at 3:00 AM to Isaac spewing throw up all over me.  Red throw up might I add.  Too much licorice I guess.

Boy how my kids love the cabin, every morning this week Isaac woke up and asked what day it was.  Friday couldn't get here fast enough.  What kid wouldn't love it when you can stay up late, watch movies, eat junk food (hence the red throw up at 3 AM), 4 wheelin'.  

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary! 8 Years and counting...

Monday, October 3, 2011


Once again, my lack of posts comes from me being too lazy to get the photos off my computer.  So no photos this round.  Life is great. Isaac started preschool last month. Boy how he loves it, and it is just adorable.  I have started threatening missing preschool if he doesn't listen.  That won't last long.  He is also in soccer with some of the neighbor boys, so darling.  He surprisingly does better than I expected!

As for Liam, still a little stinker.  Quite the feisty one, you wouldn't know it unless you were around him a ton.  He is pretty shy around strangers (sorry bud).  People keep asking if he ever talks, and boy does he!  Now that Isaac is in school it has been so fun just hanging out with him.  I recently got called as a nursery leader so I get to spend lots of time with the kid.  He is so different when he is not around his brother and really is a sweet little boy.  But he does love his brother and follows him around every where.  They play so cute together when they want to.

Then there is boring me.  I started watching a friends kids a few days a week for the month.  And will randomly watch another friend's little girl every now and then.  Today I had all 5!  Had to load them in the car to take Isaac to school today.  I texted Ryan and let him know that there was still room for one more :).  Last week we went to the library and people thought I had two sets of twins.  It has been fun having all these rugrats running around.  Keeps my kids entertained, now that the pool is no longer an option these days.  Loving this weather though, not looking forward to the 6 months of winter we have.  Here is to a long fall!

We just got back from visiting my sister in Vegas.  I braved the trip with just me and the kids while Ry lived the bachelor life.  Luckily things did get done around the house while we were gone.

And my goal for 12 halfs this year is almost complete!  2 more to go, will be done by Oct 15!!  As much as I love running, it will be nice to be done.  I am sure I will continue it, just not sign up for so many at a time.  The only annoying part is not being able to go do something on a whim because I have a race that weekend.  Ryan will be glad to have some Saturdays back to go fishing.

Friday, July 29, 2011


We had a surprise visit from these guys and kept busy every day this week!

Days of 47 parade.

Fireworks at Cottonwood Heights

Bike rides in the park

Of course we had to hit the pool!

A visit to the "jumpy place". Jump Around Utah, a must do!! So fun and not as far as Kangaroo Zoo, slightly more pricey though, but worth it.

Family BBQ's

And I finally got to meet this little squirt before he was 6 months old.
Meet Elliot James Delaney. I could hold him all day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Weekend Cap

While Ryan spent the weekend doing this...

Liam and I spent the weekend like this...

3 day intense potty training began Friday morning. I had everything planned out and ready and realized Friday morning that I really should have planned for Isaac to be busy doing things instead of cooped up with us. Last minute I pawned Isaac off with Aunts/cousins, friends houses, and Grandma (A big thanks to them!). Made it much easier to focus on just Liam, although I sure did miss my Isaac.

I don't tell you this because I think I am amazing and can potty train my kids by 22 months. I tell you this because I am officially a true believer in the 3 day process. Anybody can do this, it just takes A LOT (can't stress that enough) of patience and focus!! I thought I was just lucky with Isaac and really worried that I would struggle with Liam, but Liam has been SO much easier during these 3 days than Isaac ever was. I loathe changing diapers and feel so bad that they sit in their urine and feces often. Liam has had some bad diaper rashes lately, so this will put an end to that! This time I didn't use the portable potty, so gross to clean that up. I would just turn him around on the toilet and let him sit that way. Plus I figure it will get him used to normal toilets when we aren't home.

Day 1: The most difficult. He peed his pants most of the morning. Woke up from his nap dry though, then after his nap he realized what he was supposed to do and could hold his bladder. He wouldn't tell me he had to pee, but I could see it in his face and would rush to the bathroom with only a little pee in his undies. So he figured it out by day 1. As for #2, again, you could see it in his face and as soon as I scooped him up and rushed to the bathroom he would scream, but boy was he clenching those cheeks! So funny.

Day 2: Woke up dry!! But then didn't go potty until about 11:00 AM!! Wow, who can hold a morning pee that long. Well he sure did and boy did he have to go. He still wasn't too excited about sitting on the toilet, would whine most of the time. But I knew he had to go and just made him stay (even though that is against the book, oops!) That happened 3-4 times the rest of the day. Still the same issue with #2, but at least he held it as best he could. I was always too late with Isaac, NOT fun cleaning that up!

Day 3: And here we are on the last day. Woke up dry again this morning. Did his morning potty around 9:30 AM and a couple more times since then. Still a bit timid on the toilet. And doesn't actually say he needs to go, but will look at me when he has to, luckily I know the sign now. And holds it until we get there. He is napping now and we will continue the day at home, hopefully he continues on this path!

I didn't think I would say this, but I will actually look forward to these 3 days with my future kids (or kid). I had so much fun just hanging out with Liam and spending time with just me and him. Not worrying about laundry, housework or anything else.

Now I just need to be daring and venture out of the house, always locating the nearest potty wherever we go! That is going to be a whole other learning experience for him, but I refuse to go back to diapers and am determined to make this work! Wish us luck!!